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Organic Means Non-GMO

October is Non-GMO Month and we’re celebrating USDA Organic for certifying non-GMO food we can trust.

The USDA sets standards for organic products and partners with third party certification organizations to ensure that brands that use the USDA Organic seal are in compliance with these standards. One major part of the organic standard prohibits the use of any genetic engineering, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This means that when you choose USDA Organic products, you are choosing non-GMO.

Here at tera’swhey®, we avoid the use of GMOs at every step of our process that starts on the farm and ends with the organic canister of whey protein in your cart. This means that our organic farmers do not plant GMO seeds, our organic cows do not eat GMO grass and that we do not blend GMO ingredients with our organic whey protein. Our local dairy farmers, artisan cheesemakers and manufacturing facility assure that they are not using GMOs in order to meet the USDA organic regulations.

We work hard to produce products that not only taste delicious; but provide pure nutrition in a wholesome way. This includes avoiding GMOs, artificial growth hormones and artificial flavors to provide you with a pure and simply organic whey protein to support your healthy, active and vibrant lifestyle.

Interested in learning more? Find additional information about our organic whey at our products page: tera’swhey Organic Whey Protein.


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