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Motivate Yourself to a Better, Healthier You

Motivation can be tough to get and even harder to maintain. Sometimes it just seems easier sitting on the couch, eating chips and binging on the latest season of New Girl. So how do you get motivated? What should you do so that you can stick with a workout or eating routine? Have no fear, the tera’swhey® team is here. Read on to find out exactly what you should do to motivate yourself to be a better, healthier you.

According to this article by Girls Gone Sporty, there are five key ways to stay motivated to reach your goals. Staying positive and following these five motivational steps will keep you moving forward to achieve your goal.

1. Change your mindset: It’s time to change the way you think about yourself. You are no longer a person who doesn’t exercise. You are an athlete. You are no longer a person who wants to make healthier food choices. You are already are making healthy food choices. So think about your goal and think about what you are doing right now to reach that goal. No matter what you are doing right now to reach your goal, it counts.

How to follow through: Next time you’re at your favorite clothing store and you’re about to buy that sleeveless dress, do it. Don’t put it back because you think your arms don’t look like Madonna’s. Think this: My arms look great and what better way to show them off than this killer dress.

2. Be proud of yourself- Ask yourself this, and be honest: What are you proud of today? Have you already done it? If not, go out and do it. Don’t wait until you’ve lost all the weight, or until a challenging or overwhelming lifestyle change has been made. Don’t wait until all your bills are paid off. Give yourself permission to be proud of the things you have done today to get where you want to go, to change what you want to change. However small, or however big that thing is, fall in love with it, and be proud of yourself.

How to follow through: The next time you are about to make a bad decision, like eating the last four cupcakes that were leftover from your best friend’s birthday party, put on your running shoes and run around the block as many times as you can in 30 minutes. It may not seem like a lot but you will look back and be proud that you made the better decision. (Note to self: no more leftover desserts)

3. Switch things up- Whether you are training for a race, trying to lose weight, or looking to tone up, doing the same workout day after day to reach our goal, is downright boring. It can also be less effective. So switch up your routine and see results!

How to follow through: Run on a dirt trail instead the pavement, or run a different route. Try a protein source like tera’s Sustained Energy Blend to fuel up for the day, do yoga, go paddle boarding, and most importantly, challenge yourself.

4. Make a list of the ‘whys: When you’re working toward a goal, things start to feel difficult. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it anymore, or you just feel like giving up. This is when having a list of the reasons why you want to reach your goal becomes important. This list is your lifeline, your reminder why you made your goal.

How to follow through: Give yourself a reason to buy something new – you deserve it. Go to your local craft or office supply store and pick up a snazzy new journal to write in. That list of ‘whys’ never looked so good.

5. Give yourself a break: Nobody is perfect. At some point, you will miss a workout, or not stick to your diet for a day. But don’t worry because your next workout, your next meal, gives you another opportunity to stay committed to your goal. You just have to show up, and keep showing up, until you reach your goal. It’s not about if your journey is perfect, it’s whether you give up along the way or not.

How to follow through- Everyone has a bad day once in a while and that’s ok. Really, don’t sweat it. Just make sure that tomorrow is better. In the famous words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” So make mistakes, learn from them, and then treat yourself. A glass of wine with friends after a long week should do the trick. Salud!

be well, be vibrant.

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