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Let’s Talk GMOs.

Let’s talk GMOs.

First, what is a GMO?

According to,, a GMO is defined as:

“Genetically modified organism: an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering.”

Second, what is a GMO used for?

Anything can be modified by genetic engineering, from plants, to animals, to microorganisms. Most commonly- plants and animals are effected by genetic engineering. Why?

Let’s use a plant, for example. Plant A is infected by a bug. This entire field of plants is dying, because of one type of bug. Plant B, in another field, is exposed to the same bug, but this plant is not dying. Scientists can take genetic material from Plant B, inject it into Plant A, and Plant A then becomes immune to that bug and begins harvesting a healthy field.

There are plenty of debates on whether GMOs are positive or negative. Scientists can use GMOs to protect endangered species and plants, but GMOs are not naturally occurring and can lead to unstable or even toxic combinations.

At tera’s®, we make protein with pure nutrition, simple ingredients and earth friendliness in mind. We make whey protein GMO Free.

The tera’s story begins on small Wisconsin dairy farms where farmers care and watch over their cows. These cows are free of artificial growth hormones, non-GMO, pasture raised and grass fed.

Family farms provide the milk that is then sent to Wisconsin cheese makers. The whey is extracted by artisan cheese makers leaving one of the purest forms of complete protein.

We carefully blend our protein with organic ingredients like Bourbon Vanilla and Fair Trade™ Certified Dark Chocolate Cocoa. Each batch is minimally processed to ensure we touch both the planet & the protein lightly.

Pure nutrition and simple ingredients are what you take home from the store along with a commitment to ethically-sourced and earth friendly practices.

For more information, see our products and our story.

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