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In-Season Veggies: Winter Edition

Embrace seasonal vegetables this winter by incorporating veggies like beets, brussels sprouts and winter squash into your weekly meals. Not only will you save a pretty penny at the grocery store because of their winter seasonality, but your veggies will have more flavor and nutrient content. What are you waiting for?—Scribble these winter veggies on your shopping list:


Rich in phytonutrients called betalains, beets have a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect.[1] Beets’ earthy taste and bright color makes them the perfect salad topper.

Brussels sprouts

These green bulbs are high in protein, iron and potassium, living up to their healthful reputation. Commonly steamed or roasted, brussels sprouts make a healthy side dish.


Rhubarb offers many health benefits including, calcium to promote bone growth, lutein for skin and eye health and antioxidants to promote good health overall. Although tasty in pies, rhubarb can also be consumed raw or roasted.

Winter squash

Winter squash is a general term for a variety of squash, ranging from butternut to acorn. They are harvested in the fall to be consumed during the winter months. Generally mild, yet delicious in flavors, winter squash is perfect in soups, stews or as an ingredient in a main dish.


Although cabbage is often pushed aside for darker greens, it is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber. Add cabbage to a soup, stew or slaw for a little extra green.


Known for its high vitamin C, folate and potassium content, parsnips are known for promoting good health. They have similar texture and flavor to carrots and can be consumed raw or cooked which makes them easy to add to any meal.

Share your favorite recipes incorporating in-season winter veggies with us!



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