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How to Pick the Perfect Melon

Whether you’re shopping for honeydew, cantaloupe or watermelon—follow these need-to-know tricks to make sure you pick the juiciest, ripest melon that will be ready to eat when you are! No more need to randomly pick a melon & hope it’s a good one with these helpful hacks:

  1. Good looks matter –Inspect the rind of the melon for any soft spots, indents or cracks. Make sure you select a melon that looks like it’s been carefully handled. Also, pick a melon that is dull in appearance and not too shiny, as this means that the melon is ripe.
  2. The heavier, the better– You want a melon that feels heavy for its size. This is a good indicator of ripeness and therefore will be sweeter and more flavorful.
  3. Consider the color – Look for a rind consistently colored. Follow this guide for the ideal color when selecting different types of melons:
  • Honeydew- yellow, cream or white. SKIP any green melons.
  • Cantaloupe- Yellow, tan or cream. SKIP any grey-green melons.
  • Watermelon- Dark green with a creamy yellow splotch (also known as a field spot), this means it’s ripe.

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