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Get back to your {veggie} roots!

Root veggies are known for their “earthy” tastes and interesting shapes that can sometimes make preparing them a little intimidating. But fear not! There are simple and delicious ways to incorporate these beneficial gifts from the earth into all of your favorite dishes. We’ve put together a root vegetable guide to help you make the most of your root veggies:


You can prepare rutabaga in various ways: roasted, steamed, baked or stir-fried. Just make sure to rinse and scrub first and follow with peeling off the skin. Then slice or cube depending on your preference. Its mild, slightly sweet flavor lets it blend well with a variety of flavors.


When shopping for parsnips, pick out small and firm ones for the best texture. There’s no need to peel them, just wash and you’re ready to cook! Cut into chunks (not too small as they will shrink) and roast, bake, boil or steam them depending on how you plan to use them. Its sweet, nutty flavor makes them great for soups and stews.

Yuca root (cassava)

Yuca, also known as cassava, takes little more effort to prepare but is worth it for the vitamin and mineral packed root. You will need to peel the thick skin before you steam or boil it until it is fully cooked. This is one of the few root veggies that must be cooked before consumption. Its texture and mild flavor is similar to a potato which makes it extremely versatile to use.


When picking out kohlrabi, look for the smallest bulbs (these will have the sweetest flavor). Make sure to peel the bulbs before you prepare them. Kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked which makes it great for salads and slaws or for soups and stews. If you want to cook it, the most common ways it is prepared is sautéed on the stovetop or roasted in the oven. Kohlrabi is mild and sweet, yet a little peppery. This makes is an easy complement to other spices and flavors.


You can identify a turnip by its purplish and white bulb. Make sure to scrub the root before preparing. Depending on your preference and application, you can either peel the skin or skip this step. Turnips can be eaten raw or cooked. If you are planning to cook turnips you can bake, boil, grill, sauté or steam them. Turnips are often described as tasting like a cross between a carrot and a potato.

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