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Family Fun Night | Outdoor Theater

If you love watching movies as much as you love being outside on summer nights, going to an outdoor movie is the perfect Family Fun Night for you. Planning a trip to an outdoor theater requires a little bit of preparation. Follow this guide to help you plan the flawless night for your family (or friends)!

Step 1: Find a Theater near You

There are more outdoor theaters around than you might expect. Click the link to find out which outdoor theater is closest to you!

If you’re heading on vacation, check to see if there is an outdoor theater near where you are vacationing and make it part of your special trip.

*Many drive-in theaters only accept cash, make sure you look up the price and payment type accepted at the entrance of our outdoor theater*

Step 2: Prepare for the Outdoors

Outdoor theaters are great for getting outside and relaxing, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Some summer nights are hot and humid, others are cool and breezy…be prepared for both! Dress in your most comfortable summer attire and bring a few extra articles of clothing, like sweatshirts and sweatpants, in case it gets a little chilly.

Whether you’re sitting in the truck or in the grass, be sure to pack some bug spray!

Step 3: Pack the Cooler

Whether you enjoy the traditional movie snack, popcorn, or you want to pack a late dinner, dining at an outdoor theater allows you to do both. Pack all of your favorite snacks and drinks in the cooler just before the trip begins! (Don’t forget the napkins, utensils, and trash bags!)

Step 4: Seating + Blankets

Some outdoor theaters have patches of grass, perfect for laying down a blanket and stretching out, others are covered in dirt. Before visiting the theater, try to find out how much grass is available for seating, otherwise, bring some folding chairs to keep clean.

If you have a truck or a van, lay the blankets out in the back and create a ‘bed’ to watch the movie from, once the bed is assembled all you have to do is open the trunk door and enjoy!

Step 5: Safety Tips + Tricks

Backup Battery/Jumper Cables: Most outdoor theaters do not project sound through their own speakers, rather, through your car radio. In order to keep the sound playing, many cars require the key to be in the ignition without staying completely on. Frequently, the car is turned on to full power- draining the battery. Read your car manual to make sure the car isn’t using the full battery, but the sound is still coming out.

Many theaters provide staff that move around with batteries, jumping cars, but this can take several hours (especially if you’re far away from an exit). Be prepared for a drained battery, or test the ignition before the movie to make sure you know which setting to put your car on so the battery doesn’t drain.

Flashlight: Outdoor theaters are often dimly lit due to car lights and the light projected from the screen. Be sure to bring flashlights (or use the flashlight app on your phone).


 Follow these tips to plan a stress-free, low cost, family-fun night!

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