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Bye-Bye Winter, HELLO Spring Cleaning

As excited as we get when the snow starts to melt, the dreaded weekend spent “spring cleaning” may be hanging over your head. This year, simplify your spring cleaning routine by starting early and doing a few simple things each week. By focusing on one of the following areas each week, your home will be sparkling and fresh before March 20th arrives:

  1. De-clutter and organize

The best place to start is going through drawers, closets and rooms. Throw out garbage, dated magazines and mail, old (not donate-able) clothing and “junk”. Next, organize your keep piles.

  1. Dust the entire home

If you can name it, dust it—furniture, shelves, fans, blinds, lighting fixtures, side and coffee tables, window sills, ledges, railings and anything else that collects dust (including those hard to reach places that often get skipped).

  1. Clean the floors, carpet & rugs

Sweep, vacuum or wash the floors of your home according to the surface and which cleaning technique fits best. Make sure to get the edges and corners.

  1. Scrub down and sanitize surfaces

This is extremely important for the kitchen and bathrooms, but don’t forget the living room and bedrooms. Use your cleaner of preference to wipe down handles, counters, hardware and other hard surfaces to eliminate the germs and bacteria that live on these commonly touched surfaces.


Make sure to add to or customize this general cleaning list to fit your expectations for your home. Happy Spring!


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