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Beat the Summer Heat- Stay Hydrated with H2O Helpers

Say hello to rising temperatures and soaring humidity! It’s that time of year when we sweat no matter what we’re doing outside. Don’t let dehydration hold you back this season! Whether you hike, bike, or run, staying hydrated is the key to success. Carry your water with you and take an H2O helper along for the ride! Here are some great resources to help you keep your summer workout routine in check:


A Camelbak® is a classic, but we LOVE how it brings lots of water with us wherever we go this summer. Going for an outdoor adventure? Camelbak® has you covered with outdoor, biking, running, and day packs.

If you like carrying water on your back while running, we recommend the DART™ pack. Its lightweight, comfortable design allows you to bring 1.5 L with you on your adventures. That’s some seriously portable H2O.

Running Belt

Training for a long race? We recommend the Ultimate Direction® JUREK ENDURE. Its minimalist design features two small water bottles that balance the load around the belt. Our favorite parts? The bungee system that holds it all in place and the movable pocket in the front, which is perfect for phones, keys, or energy gel packs.


If you’re on-the-go and want to bring your water with you, try the Nathan™ FlexShot. We love its soft silicone design that allows it to shrink down to almost nothing in a pinch. Plus, the soft material makes for a squeezable water bottle! Who says drinking water can’t be fun?


Do you love one of these H2O helpers? Let us know on Facebook or by commenting below. Happy hydrating!

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