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be well. be vibrant.

Being well and vibrant goes far beyond health…it is a lifestyle – one that is filled with activity, vigor and positive forward movement. As we have traveled around the country introducing customers to tera’swhey®, we’ve encountered this lifestyle time and time again. It resonates a positive attitude and demonstrates a life that is optimistic, strong and full of life. It was exceedingly apparent that this was the perfect tagline for the brand as we found it represented the many people who have benefited from using the products. Wellness and vibrancy are something we work towards every day. Plain and simple, they kept us moving in the right direction.
We have also found that being well and vibrant look slightly different for different demographics, but they holds the same general philosophy for every age.  While the activity level involved in a vibrant and well life might be unique to every generation, each age group holds same positive undertone of healthy and wholesome living.  This lifestyle is not a fad, trend or diet craze, rather it is a way of life that encourages activity, nutrition and a positive mindset.
So, what does being well and vibrant look like in your life? Is it a brisk morning walk, a crisp evening run or times of laughter and rejuvenation?  Perhaps it is your favorite after workout out protein shake or some tossed greens…or maybe it is simply an attitude that says “bring it on world…I am ready!”  Whatever it means for you, we want to thank you for demonstrating it to us time and time again so that we can embrace it ourselves.


-be well, be vibrant

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