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Be smart during outdoor workouts: 5 tips to keep you safe

As we begin to lose daylight at the onset of winter, it’s time to take extra precaution for those early morning or late night walks, runs and bike rides. Dark mornings and evenings make it important for you to stay alert to your surroundings for both your safety and the safety of others. Read on for some helpful tips.

  1. Run in populated, well-lit areas

Try and save that long, scenic park path for daylight hours. Instead stay closer to home by running shorter loops that you are more familiar with and that remain active with people so if you ever feel in danger, you can get help. Search an app like Map My Run for routes in just about any area.

  1. Wear reflective gear/lights on busy roads

If you are going to run or bike where cars will frequently pass you, make sure you attach a light to your bike and to yourself or wear a bright, reflective jacket so cars can see you. We like Brooks’ Women’s LSD Jacket and Nathan Sports LightStreak Vest.

  1. Ditch the headphones

As music lovers ourselves, we know how hard skipping the music on your daily exercise routine can be but it is something to at least consider. Going without the headphones allows you stay alert for sounds of things, like cars or other people, you may not necessarily see. If you absolutely cannot leave your music at home, turn the music down and leave one earbud out and tucked in your shirt.

  1. Grab a friend (or the friend-like companion app)

Recruit one of your fitness-fanatic friends to join you for your late night sesh. We know schedules are busy, so if you can’t find a running buddy, download the free companion app that will ensure your safety by tracking your path to a destination and alerting friends or family if something is wrong.

  1. Carry your phone and ID

Make sure you bring along your cell phone so if you ever get lost, feel unsafe or need help you can make a quick call. We also recommend wearing a RoadID that will display your name, and important numbers of who should be contacted if something happens.


Help keep your fellow fitness community safe by leaving your safety tip ideas below.

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