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Back to School: Backpack-friendly Snacks

Whether you’re helping a little one pack their backpack or grabbing the textbook for your own 8am lecture, packing a healthy snack is just as essential as that notebook and pencil. Controlling hunger through eating small snacks multiple times a day helps provide focus and energy to learn. Make sure you’re back to school ready with these 5 healthy snacks:

  1. Homemade Trail Mix– Blend together several trail mix essentials like almonds, pumpkin seeds, raisins and goji berries to create a delicious blend of ingredients and flavors. Skip adding the dark chocolate or peanut butter chips in this batch to avoid a backpack full of a melty mess.
  2. Strawberry Banana Protein Muffins– Make these simple muffins on Sunday afternoon and enjoy them on-the-go all week long! The combination of fruit and protein makes these morsels perfect for a mid-morning snack that will help provide energy and satiety to keep focused during the school day.
  3. Fresh Veggies- Celery, carrots, jicama and radishes are backpack approved veggies that won’t spoil or be easily squished. Wash, cut, bag and this light snack is ready!
  4. Granola Bar– Homemade or store bought, granola bars are a quick, no-brainer snack perfect for grabbing on the way out the door. Look for bars that are low in sugar and offer protein that will offer satiation.
  5. Ready-to-Drink Protein BeverageA chocolate or vanilla protein beverage is a crunch-free, classroom friendly snack that won’t distract anyone in the middle of a discussion, lecture or project. With 26 grams of whey protein, it will sure to quiet a growling stomach that demands nutrients.

Good luck and happy snacking back in the classroom!


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