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6 sinless snacks Health

Food cravings. Sweet, savory or a little bit of both, we at tera’swhey are not immune to the devilish temptations that whisper “you can totally have just one” in our ears. Food cravings happen for any number of reasons and often at the most inconvenient times. Sometimes an apple just isn’t going to cut it for that cookie craving, and that’s ok. It’s all about choosing healthier, more nutritious alternatives. We’ve compiled a list of six sinless alternatives that will help you happily quiet that snack attack monster (we’re sticking this up on the office fridge after we’re done).


Microwave Popcorn vs. Quinn Popcorn. The average American noshes on 52 quarts of popcorn per year[1] much of which comes in the form of the conventional microwave variety.

However, these bags of buttery goodness often contain synthetic additives and food coloring.  Get your popcorn fix the healthy way with a cleaner alternative, like Quinn Popcorn. With flavors like Parmesan + Rosemary, Hickory Smoked Cheddar and Vermont Maple + Sea Salt, Quinn’s microwavable popcorn swears by using only organic, non-GMO and only real ingredients that don’t force you into chowing down half of your day’s calories in one sitting.

Chocolate Milkshake vs. Chocolate Protein Shake. If a chocolate craving has sent you racing to the nearest drive-through for a rich, chocolate shake, you’re not alone. You’re also not alone with the resulting stomach ache from a 300-calorie, 46 grams of sugar indulgence[2]. Satisfy your craving with a chocolate protein shake full of nutritious ingredients like natural peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk, tera’swhey rBGH Free Dark Chocolate whey, plain greek yogurt and few ice cubes that will leave you contently satisfied and guilt free. Need help knowing where to start? Try one of our scrumptious smoothie/shake recipes until you get the hang of the protein shake game.

Traditional Nachos vs. Bell Pepper Nachos. Put those sodium loaded traditional nachos on the back burner for a while and instead “fake it until you make it” with flavor loaded bell pepper nachos.

You’ll recognize the same nacho flavors with half the calories, while also getting in some of your needed daily vegetable intake. Substitute the fatty ground beef in traditional nachos for ground turkey, chicken, or black beans and then sprinkle cheese, your favorite veggies, organic sour cream, natural salsa and whatever else pleases your taste buds over the sliced red, green, yellow and orange bell peppers. Oh, and yes you are allowed to have a plateful (we won’t tell).


Fried Buffalo Wings vs. Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. Game days often call for this junk food staple. In fact, Americans consume an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday each year.[3] For your next game celebration, give “cauliflower wings” a try. By baking cauliflower florets in your favorite wing sauce. You’ll still get that buffalo flavor with less fat and late night heartburn.


French Fries vs. Baked Avocado Fries. One of the biggest crave-monsters of them all: French Fries. Often hard to resist, the salty warmth that French fries lend. Next time the craving hits, try these baked avocado fries instead. Avocados supply your body with 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and a fullness factor that traditional French fries lack.[4]

Chocolate Chip Cookies vs. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Energy Bites. Chocolate chip cookies are undeniably delicious but also loaded with calories and fat. Substitute these mouthwatering super simple energy bites for those sugar-filled desserts. They’re no bake which means you get to enjoy them faster! We recommended trying to add some tera’swhey plain protein to up the protein content and keep you full until your next meal.











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