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5 FUN Ways to Celebrate with Dad

The one thing Dads love more than homemade cards on Father’s Day is spending the day with their kiddos. Instead of obsessing over the perfect Father’s Day gift, dedicate June 18th to getting in some quality time with dad. Not sure how you will spend the day?—We’ve got you covered with a variety of activities to celebrate the big D-A-D:
Go for a spin
If the weather permits, a family bike ride is the perfect way to celebrate Dad on his day. Search for local bike paths or trails that will provide a scenic route (and just maybe, an ice cream shop along the way!). Make sure to strap on your helmet and pack plenty of water before pedaling away.
See a movie in theatres
Check out the flicks playing at your local movie theatre and see if you find one the family can enjoy together. You can’t go wrong with a bucket of popcorn and some candy! Rain or shine, this activity is sure to please.
Whip up a recipe
Who says you can’t have fun at home? Let Dad pick out his favorite recipe and spend some time cooking or baking together! It’s affordable and fun within the comfort of your own kitchen. The tera’s® team recommends whipping up these delicious Spinach + Ricotta Protein Calzones for lunch or dinner.
Picnic in the park
Pack up the cooler and picnic basket with Dad’s favorite lunch and snacks! Set up shop at your favorite local park—a little bit of sunshine, a few good eats and a lot of bonding makes for a great Sunday celebration.
Family game night
Whether it’s Hungry Hungry Hippos or Scrabble, board games are a great way to party with Dad (especially if he loves a little friendly competition!). Games are a fun way to get the entire family involved, regardless of age. A Father’s Day game night will guarantee an activity that kids and parents alike will enjoy.

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