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4 Simple, No-Bake Meal Ideas

Keep your kitchen cool for the rest of the summer with simple, yummy NO-bake meals. You heard us right; no oven, stove, crock pot or toaster needed! Here are a few easy staples to give a try if you’re trying to keep you (and your kitchen) cool:


You can get your daily servings of veggies + throw dinner together in just 15 minutes when salad is on the menu! Get creative and use salad ingredients you wouldn’t normally use such as edamame, watercress or radishes to avoid getting bored of your typical go-to staple salad recipe. Try this flavorful Asian Kale Salad to get inspired!

Spring Rolls

Healthier and lighter than its fried counterpart (egg rolls)—spring rolls make the perfect summer night meal. Stuff rice paper with avocado, beans and corn for southwestern inspired rolls or give these Lentil Spring Rolls a go for a spicier option.

Smoothie Bowls

For a light, refreshing meal, a smoothie bowl, blended with plenty of fruit, greens and protein, offers a 5 minute solution. Add toppings that offer healthy fats and fiber like almond butter and chia seeds. A must-make: Acai Power Bowl.


For a satisfying oven-free dinner, wraps made with whole grain tortillas or lettuce, are simple and healthy options. Fill with beans, veggies, hummus and more! Not sure where to start? We LOVE these Buffalo Chickpea Lettuce Wraps.

Bonus Tip: If the sun is shining and the weather permits, grab your no-bake meal and enjoy it at a park, on a picnic or even in your backyard!

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