Benefits of Whey in Exercise Recovery

By Guest Blogger Maria Viall CHHP, CNP, ROHP

Regular exercise is an important component to living a healthy lifestyle. It helps improve our body both mentally and physically. The physical benefits can range from decreasing cardiovascular risk and improving bone density to boosting metabolic rate and increasing lean muscle mass.

However, exercise is only as good as the food you fuel it with. Studies are showing that what you eat plays a major role in how effective your exercise can be and that certain foods have the ability to boost your results.

The rate in which our muscles repair and rebuild after exercise is important in terms of both recovery and seeing results. During exercise, the fibers in our muscles undergo stress and break down.  The process of repairing and rebuilding the damaged fibers is called protein synthesis. The faster they repair, the better. This happens naturally in the body with the help of amino acids but studies have shown that consuming certain proteins soon after after exercising can improve the process.

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, whey protein is one of the best quality proteins for athletes to consume, especially within 30 minutes after working out. The nutrition profile of pure whey protein contains high levels of protein and amino acids with minimal calories, fat or sugar.  The body utilizes these nutrients to improve protein synthesis without negating the caloric burn you achieved during your workout.

Second, whey protein digests quicker than other forms of protein. This means the body is able to get the nutrients to the muscles faster, which results in quicker repair.

When you take whey protein after a workout is important as well. The body has an increased ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis during the 60 minutes post workout. So taking whey protein during this window can help improve the process by speeding up recovery time, decreasing exercise-related injuries and reducing muscle soreness.

For best results, be picky on the whey protein powders you select to enhance your workout. Choose whey protein powders made from grass-fed cows. Grass-fed whey contains higher nutrient levels of leucine, which is an amino acid that increases protein synthesis by signaling the mTOR mechanism in the body. mTOR is the major anabolic, or muscle building, pathway regulating skeletal muscle mass.

Also, many whey protein powders are loaded with added sugars and unnecessary fillers that can negate your exercise efforts. Look for brands that have minimal ingredients and no added sugar. Teras Whey Protein Powders are made from grass-fed cows, contain no added sugars, are Non-GMO and rBGH free.


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