If you’re facing a busy week, remember that picking up food on-the-go might not always be a good strategy. When we don’t take the time to prepare our meals ahead of time, it’s easy to grab whatever we can get our hands on – even if it’s not healthy or nutritious.

Here are some tips and tricks on making healthy, quick meals ahead of time:

Make more than one dish.

People tell us meal prep is a waste of time because they can’t eat the same meal every day for a week straight, so here’s our advice: Don’t!

Try buying ingredients that could be made into multiple dishes. For example: chicken, spinach, rice, beans, onions and peppers are a few ingredients that can be incorporated into several dishes like… chicken + spinach + mushroom salad, chicken taco bowl with beans and rice, stuffed peppers with chicken + rice + mushrooms + onions.

The possibilities are endless!

 Cook all your ingredients at once.

Once you’ve decided on all the dishes you’ll be making, prepare the food all at the same time. If the chicken is cooking in the oven, wash and cut the mushrooms and peppers. If the chicken is done then put the rice on the stove. Having all of your ingredients prepared ahead of time will make putting the meals together as simple as possible. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire week’s worth of different meals in the fridge ready to go.

Add different spices or flavors to the same dish.

If you’re trying to cut the cost of your weekly meals, or you’re trying to eat healthier and that means eating similar meals, mix up each dish with different spices. If you’re having a spinach + mushroom + chicken salad with Italian dressing, the next day, try Balsamic vinaigrette. It might seem too simple, but adding different flavors or spices can change the entire taste of the food!

Don’t do more than a week at once (unless you’re freezing)

Prepping fresh vegetables and meats for the week is great – until the meals are no longer fresh. You can avoid these situations by only making as much as you’ll need for the week. If you know there is a company outing on Thursday, don’t make 5 work lunches for the week. Planning ahead and making sure you don’t prepare too much before it goes bad can save you time and money.

 What are some of your favorite ways to meal prep? Let us know @teraswhey


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