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Tera’s® launches Ready-to-Drink Whey Protein Beverages

Great news! We’ve taken our popular line of whey protein powders and made it even easier to enjoy high-quality, great tasting protein at your convenience. Our NEW whey protein beverages contain 26 g of artisan-crafted, grass fed dairy whey protein sourced from artisan cheese makers in Wisconsin and are blended with authentic flavors,

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  • 5 Healthy Oils and How to Use Them

    As cooking oil options continue to grow, it is often difficult to know which oils are best for your health. Check out our breakdown of common oils you should have in your kitchen and different ways you

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  • Protein-packed Fruit & Oat Smoothie

    This smoothie recipe adds a punch to your traditional strawberry smoothie with satiating, healthy carbohydrates. Modified from Martha Stewart’s original recipe, the almonds, oats and protein powder promise your tummy the fullness it craves. Whip it up at

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  • Chocolate Protein Thumbprints

    With the holiday’s right around the corner, you’re probably knee deep in holiday treats and goodies, but don’t forget to make some healthy versions of your favorite desserts. With only 5 ingredients, these little cuties will be

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Our cows graze on family-owned farms within 200 miles of our green facility.

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Let’s teach our children that ingredient lists are required reading.

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