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Trick Your Treat

Whether you’re watching a chocolate monster on TV or you’re surrounded by candy and the grocery store…October can be a spooky time for good habits and healthy eating. So, you want to eat healthy but also enjoy all the tricks and treats of the Halloween season? Simple. Trick Your Treat with these quick

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  • Let's Talk GMOs.

    October is non GMO month. Let’s talk GMOs. First, what is a GMO? According to, Dictionary.com, a GMO is defined as: “Genetically modified organism: an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering.” Second, what is a GMO used for? Anything can be modified by genetic engineering,

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  • The Best Time To Eat Protein

    By:  Maria Viall CHHP, CNP, ROHP It is well known that protein is a necessary macronutrient the body needs to maintain health. Proteins are the building blocks of the body due to its muscle building, repair and

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  • Fun, Fall Workouts to Run Faster

    All-American Distance Runner and recent Idaho college graduate, Kinsey Gomez, competes as a professional distance runner for Hansons Brooks Original Distance Project. Gomez says, “I know that I need to fuel my body with whole food, nutrient-dense

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